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Frequently Asked Questions.


    When I placed an order what happens when such an order returned?

    The correct manner in ordering Cryptocurrency on all levels is to follow the flow of the structure and : in the account section you will see a button: « Reserve an order» and by clicking on this button you will be redirected to payment notification to make your payment. After you've made the payment and transferred the payment to Your Partner into his Bitcoin Wallet and you do not get any response and the money is returned or nothing transpire,

    you should write to the partner in these exact words: « The payment has been made and I am waiting for you to confirm receipt».


    If your partner respond, then continue to process, but if you do not receive any response, contact the Administrator for advice!

  • Can you explain the process and procedures here in short! How soon will I see profits coming my way?

    Consider the diagram of charges:


    Binary matrix has two legs where only 2 members are connected to you and they are at the head of your structure!


    and that is why you buy each level only once, but you may sell as many times you want to as many participants you bring into the system. NOTE: If you're not buying Cryptocurrency at the different levels, you cannot sell what you don't have.

    Remember that on joining for 1 BTC only, you have to buy your first Cryptocurrency on level №1 from your partner, under which you have registered at that stage and you can only sell your Cryptocurrency to the two participants, who you have registered under you! Those two are your direct participants on the first level. At this level you may only have two participants and not more. After buying Cryptocurrency you will receive a link to your E-mail inbox certifying that you are now the owner of Cryptocurrency on level №1. You may now also post this link on your social network pages in order to attract two new partners that fits the bill! On finding those two new participants you may now sell Cryptocurrency on level №1 to your new found participants. They should do exactly the same as you did and they must now also find two new participants and add them to the system as partners in the same manner as you did! This is the only effective way to promote your business in order to quicker develop your structure and obviously increase your earnings.

    Immediately after selling your Cryptocurrency level №1 to two participants you earn 2 BTC

    When you receive this sum you are obligated to buy Cryptocurrency on level №2 for 2 BTC  from the senior partner and sell it to those two participants, who have also registered under you at level №1. Keep in mind that there will now be 4 of them and your earnings will be 8 BTC


    Now that this is complete, you are compelled to buy Cryptocurrency on level №3: for 4 BTC from the senior partner!

    NOTE: since you have made a profit to the value of 4 BTC

    you then sell those Cryptocurrency to the participants who have registered under your partners on level №2. Those will be the participants on level №3 level №3 where there should now be 8 participants.

    Profits earned from the sale of Cryptocurrency on level №3 comes to an amount of: 32 BTC



    Now, let us continue and use some of that money to buy Cryptocurrency on level №4 for 16 BTC from the senior partner. After this purchase you sell it to those participants who have registered under your participants on level №3, as these will now be participating on level №4, where there will be 16 participants. Here we go again with lots of excitement, because at this level you have now earned 256 BTC


     At this stage your earnings and profit doesn’t stop there, because there are four more levels with new Cryptocurrency that must be repeated with the exact same partners on all four levels.


    Keep again in mind that now that you have completed the first round, the structure to follow is the same as before, but the earnings will be huge as you will soon see!

     You now have to buy Cryptocurrency on level №5 for 128 BTC from the same partner who sold you the Cryptocurrency on level №1 and sell to the same participants on level №1 where you will now earn 256 BTC

     Again you buy Cryptocurrency on level №6 for 128 BTC from the same partner, who sold you the Cryptocurrency on level №2 and then you sell to the 4 participants and in doing that, you earn 512 BTC

    Again you are compelled to buy Cryptocurrency on level №7 for 256 BTC from the same partner, who sold you the Cryptocurrency on level №3 and you then sell to the 8 participants in order to earn an amount of  2,048 BTC


    Keep on going, because on this stage you buy Cryptocurrency on level №8 for 1,056 BTC from the same partner, who sold you Cryptocurrency on level №4 and you then sell those to 16 participants and in doing that you will have earned a massive 16,896 BTC

    taking into account your initial purchase of Cryptocurrency for 1 BTC and buying and selling Cryptocurrency at all levels as per our structure and in doing so, your total earnings comes to:20,010 BTC


    If all participants follow the Binary matrix rules religiously, all participants who bought and sold Cryptocurrency as instructed should now be satisfied with the wealth they accumulated by following those instructions to buy and sell at the various levels in accordance with the system rules.


    I think you have to agree that our low investment provide every person with an opportunity to have a great Wallet/Bank balance by following and motivating each other!

  • Who and what is a referral or participant?

    Within the community a referral is a prospective partner that comes into your network and further develops your structure. A direct referral is a person who is directly connected through you. You should not bring in less than two direct referrals from the start, but as in any other viable program, if you do not bring in other individuals to join, the income potential will not be as anticipated. Every person joining should bring two other committed and computer literate people into the system and in doing so, the income potential could run into millions of BTC or Bitcoins!

  • I do not understand what you mean by the word "partner" (referrer)

    A partner is the person under whom you are registered and that is why we insist that all participants with questions, should contact your partner to explain the system structure, process and procedures to you. We therefore suggest that you keep in touch with your partner via Telegram, WhatsApp or talk on the phone as and when you buy Cryptocurrency from a certain partner if you feel unsure of what to do. The "TELEGRAMER" community should have 4 partners and not more than that and they will assist you.

  • For what reasons can I be removed as a participant?

    You may be removed as a participant if you transgress any rule or not complying with any of our instructions or regulations, because surely you understood how we work and your responsibilities before registering? Here's some critical issues we will not accept!
    1. If you try signing up for another individual and we come to know of it!
    2. If you don't introduce two individuals as per our structure
    3. Not pay for Cryptocurrency on any level for that matter
    4. For not communicating or deliberately delaying the process and in doing so waste the time of active participants.
    5. For non-compliance of any of our terms and conditions!

  • What happens if I am a registered member, but I am not active and do/did not buy Cryptocurrency at level №1 or any other level for that matter!

    It's a pity if someone becomes a member and then without any explanation drop out of the system for whatever reason! We cannot penalise other participants if that happens and the Administrator will have no option but to delete that account if this problem are not resolved within 10 days thereafter. This is more than sufficient time to address and resolve any issue in order to resume one's responsibilities and more than enough time to transfer funds to a partner.

  • Why does the order process sometimes take so long?

    You have to understand that participants are not at their PC's/Laptops 24/7, but it should not take longer than 36 hours (maximum)unless such a member had been hospitalized and you have not been informed, but if that is not the case and you still don't have confirmation as to such a delay, you should urgently contact that partner because the partner should have received the money for your order, but for some unknown reason do not deem it necessary to contact or notify you and in such an event it should be enough reason to suspend or close such an account! If you have tried to contact/written to the partner and you do not get any response, you should notify the Administrator immediately to investigate and if the Administrator report a possible criminal act he is responsible to institute legal or criminal charges if found that such a partner probably preplanned it and disappeared with your funds. In such an event, the Administrator will delete this account and try to find you a new partner at the top level! One should therefore be careful who one invites to join, because in the end it is your responsibility to carefully select and invite credible and trustworthy people to join you.

  • I paid for level X and the money was returned to me. What could be the problem and what can I do!

    If and when such a situation arises then your partner has either left the TELEGRAMER community, because why would the funds be returned. In this case, visit the Telegram group and discuss this with other members an if there is a need for it, contact the website Administrator to investigate: and we have no doubt that he will try his best to find a solution.

  • Am I allowed to join and bring two referrals into the system if I do not want to participate in the buying and selling of Cryptocurrency?

    Absolutely not! If you introduce referrals into the system and you do not participate in the buying and selling process as agreed Cryptocurrency will automatically be allocated to other participants because they are obviously more serious about the system and it's income potential than you and your account could be closed without any communication or entering into any correspondence with you!

  • Letter to the participant after registration of new referrals, and the order is still hanging ...

    Write as follow (with confirmation of reading): Dear Sir, We are of the opinion that you have left the Bitcoin Wallet Telegram community and have no intent to participate in the Cryptocurrency project any longer? If this is the case and you do not respond within 24 hours of this notification, we will be forced to raise the issue with the Administrator of the project and the closing and removal of your account! if this is not the reason, please reply urgently to avoid further delays. Thank you.

  • I joined a couple of days ago, paid to advance to the next levels, but my own referrals are not active and it seems like they are relaxing or possibly disappeared from the platform. Is it possible to connect me to someone else!

    No unfortunately not, because you can only advance if your referrals are active and do what they are supposed to do! If you recruit and the people you introduce are not serious and committed, you are to blame because you tried to do someone a favour and did not bring in the best of the best. This happens in most programs where one is obligated to recruit individuals in the same league and if you ignored this fact, you can only blame yourself for bringing in inferior participants and obviously joined the program for another reason, but surely not to earn above average income! Introduce people that can make money for you and themselves and differentiate between a serious and hard working individual and a passenger, wanting others to do their work without them lifting a finger! We will not allow passengers into the system and we will close their accounts in a minute without explanation, because they will know the reason for closing their accounts and this is not negotiable!

  • I have two referrals on Level 1 and I am not certain why and how they advanced to the first level if no money from them reflect and obviously not transferred to My Bitcoin Wallet? It is my understanding that they are not allowed to buy my first level position without paying me! Am I right that they should not be allowed to get a correct mark on the acquisition level?

    Should this happen and they try to purchase your position on a certain level (especially level No 1) without paying you and you have not confirmed their level of Status, they will be removed from the community as soon as you inform us of such discrepancy. See Table referrals in the "Status of referral" - if they do not pay you or follow any of our Binary rules, they will be removed. We will not play their game, because we are here to protect you and other loyal and committed participants!

  • Please explain the payment matrix of the project? I introduced 2 referrals for level 1, one of them paid and the other one is already in his third day of no payment, no activity or commitment, leaving me where I do not want to be and because of this, my referrals on the 2nd and 3rd level is now filled unevenly. Let's say you delete the accounts of those non-paying referrals, what will happen with regard to the placement of 2 other people invited by me? I'm now tired waiting for him to come alive! Can you remove the defaulter and in their place I want to register an active referral for Level 1. Should he come in on Level 1 or level 2, because I am already on level 2?

    The Matrix should be filled evenly with active members. If we have to remove inactive referrals at your request and instruction, you are allowed to invite and introduce credible referrals in their place ... i.e but we will not deviate from our own rules and you first have to fill level 1 with two active and serious participants before anything else, because we will not allow you to move to the next level without filling up the open positions on a previous level. Keep in mind that the promotion of your referral link will be very helpful to attract serious individuals and not only to join you on the first level, but also later levels as well and provides an excellent opportunity to invite the cream of the crop to join you and partake!

  • I think I did something wrong because I bought at 2nd level and did not wait until there were 2 members on level 1. What do I do now and what will happen because of this?

    Whatever you think you paid for on the second level is your problem, because the rules and process should be clear to anyone that have studied it. You cannot buy and sell Cryptocurrency from level to level if you do not have someone to see to or buy from. It's really not a problem if you do not have referrals at the first level, but do not do anything if you do not have two participants to sell to or a partner to buy from, because someone in the system will notice your predicament and assist you in order to go forward and they know well that the system script is also configured for their purchase levels, for example, if one is interested in buying a second level from another branch, it will automatically be redirected to those who do not have any sales at level 2 and the status of the 2 levels will not be affected, no matter by whom those referrals were invited or registered because they were approached or vica versa by mall participants, so our advice is not to delay the process and to invite 2 people to join you, because it is not difficult and if you start competing or trying to impress us or other participants without knowing what you're doing, wont make the impression you expected, so stay on the same road as others and rather work together with all participants in the system, because we have no doubt that you are aware of the consequences should you break the rules, but that being said; if you are better than any other participant, assist them by introducing reliable referrals to strengthen their position, because we all have one common goal and that is to profit! Always make sure to vet referrals and if they don't fit the bill, don't think with your emotions, but with your mind and don't invite any person if you have any doubts!

  • Example-situation: the party came into the community via my referral-link and registered. He then orders the purchase of the first level, but on the first level, I already have 2 referrals. To whom should the participant transfer his payment on the first level because I already have 2 active referrals on the first level?

    Parties who came via your referral link to a partner who already have 2 referrals will have to hand them to another participants not having a referral, provided that they are on level 1 and already reserved an order on the first level! There is no other option. Those referrals will reserve orders on 2, 3, 4, levels etc. If he/she utilise his referral-link and new participants join and sign up, they will be redirected as per our explanation here above and the partners who have vacant spots in their branch will get to benefit. Nobody will be allowed to form their own leg or a separate pyramid with people they claim as their referrals. Participants are in this together and the structure will have to be developed as per our strategy and not according to the greed and selfishness of one or two participants or by trying to use their own homemade recipe and if any member does not adhere to this rule, his/her account will be closed and referrals will be placed as indicated herein, but the process will not stop or participants pay the price because of someone like the above mentioned (Uniform distribution)

  • When and why should I take leave (holiday/vacation)?

    In order not to delay or halt the process and in the interest of other participants, leave must be taken in the event that a participant do no longer have access to their Bitcoin Wallet account for more than five days and not able to confirm an order within those five days. If your wallet account is not accessible and you are for all practical reasons not active because of that and no order/s can be confirmed during those five days and no purchase can be confirmed! Do not hesitate, but inform the Administrator and other participants of your problem and we'll contact Bitcoin Wallet to see if we can assist, but if you do not inform us you will unfortunately become inactive and earn nothing in the process, but if you inform us in writing and you have no other option but to take a vacation and if your problem is sorted and you announce your return from leave after five days, you will be refunded 80% of all your confirmed orders and a percentage of 20% - will be forfeited as penalty.

  • In the event of not having another option, how can I change my Bitcoin Wallet to another wallet?

    If you claim that you have no other option but to create another wallet than Bitcoin Wallet, you have to write to the Administrator and provide valid reasons in order to get approval, but rest assure such request will not be refused if valid and verifiable, however if approved you will be required to send all of your data that you have used for registration and the new data to our email address. Contact the Administrator for the email address on approval!

  • What will happen if I transgress in terms of any one or more rules as agreed not to on date of registration?


     Such deception does not make sense!
    Participation as a member of TELEGRAMER is voluntarily, but that is no reason or excuse for transgressing or breaking any of the rules, because this is a one of a kind opportunity.
     Your cost to become a TELEGRAMER is the lowest that we know off and will not exceed 1 BTC , and all transactions occur directly between the participants and we shall not interfere in the process! Secondly, there is no interest payable with the exception of the payment facility to obtain Cryptocurrency which you utilise to transfer funds
     We are giving participants sufficient time to confirm orders! Therefore, we insist that all orders should be confirmed within 5 days after receiving funds in their account and we urge all participants not too wait until the 5th day. If that happens, this is the rule and if you are going to be deviate from this rule or be absent for more than 5 days, rather act swiftly and take a vacation by informing the Administrator in writing of such an intent and specify the number of days of your vacation. There are other participants and we cannot allow one participant for whatever the reason to delay the process or disrupt the business
    Re-registration is allowed, but only at the sole discretion of the Administrator and anyone attempt to register himself under himself or use the same IP address would be expelled from the TELEGRAMER community without any notice.
     If you have any doubts about what you're allowed and what not, we advise you not to register, but to contact the Administrator for guidance! 
    participants are also forbidden to SPAM in an attempt to attract interested parties and if you are found guilty of SPAMMING further participation will have to be considered.
    The Administrator of the TELEGRAMER community may at his sole discretion change or add new rules without notice, permission or consultation from/of community members.
    You will also be blocked to further participate as a member of the TELEGRAMER community for breaching the rules and all of your referrals will be transferred to your referrers.
     So, our advice is simple and not debatable or negotiable! Watch out for each other and inform the Administrator of any violation of any of our terms and conditions so that the TELEGRAMER community keep on growing without any disruption to upset or delay the progress of active and committed members.




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