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Frequently Asked Questions.


    How to make an order for the level ADVANTAGE and the order return ?

    Way of ordering of the cryptocurrency levels: in account section you will see button: «Make a reservation» by clicking this button you will be redirected to payment notification. After you make the transfer to the Bitcoin Wallet of your partner.

    After transfer, you should write to the partner in these words: «The payment is made! Waiting for your confirmation of my account».


    Once your partner confirms your payment you will open BAR ACCOUNT and then you will have the status of active participant.

    After you buy level №1 you will receive the link to «Status of active participant». Becoming the owner of level №1 you need to find just three friends or fans of the cryptocurrency «Bitcoin» and connect them to the system as a Partner. So you build your structure on the basis of trinary matrix for making money and sell cryptocurrency of level №1 for the same price 19 $ as you are the partner for yours three participants (for three partners which you will have on the level №1)

    Using social networks, forums and fan clubs of the cryptocurrency «Bitcoin». You'll quickly find three partners for yourself. Selling Bitcoins of level №1 at a price of 19 $ in the amount of the PROFIT will be 57 $

    19 $ of your invested money is paid off and your net profit will be 38 $


    After that you only control and follow the growth process of your structure.

    Now your participants repeating the principle of trinary matrix invite into this new structure theirs new participants.

    Thanks to the activity of your participants the growth of your structure starts. With the influx of new members, the influx of new money will appear in your structure.


  • How soon will I start making MONEY

    Consider the diagram of charges:


    Trinary matrix has three branches where only 3 members were connected by you and they are at the head of all your structure.


    You buy each level only once, but sell as many times as many participants you have in the system. NOTE: not buying a level you will not be able to sell it.

    At your own 19 $ you buy your first Cryptocurrency of the level №1   from your partner, under which you have registered And sell to three participants, who have registered under you These will be your participants of the first level. At this level you can have only three participants After buying you receive a link to your E-mail certifying you are an owner of the Cryptocurrency of level №1. You post this link on your page in social network in order to find three partners Then you sell cryptocurrency of the level №1 to your partners. They also find new participants and add them to the system as partners in the same manner Exactly this will promote to quicker development of your system and increase of your money.

    After selling the Cryptocurrency of the level №1 to three participants you earn 57 $

    When you receive this sum of money you buy Cryptocurrency of the level №2 for 49 $  from the senior partner. And sell them to those participants, who have registered under level №1. There will be 9 of them and your income will make 441 $


    Now you buy Cryptocurrency of the level №3: for 299 $ from the senior partner.

    NOTE: that you have already some profit of 142 $

    Then you sell to the participants who have registered under your partners of the level №2. These will be participants of the level №3 level №3 where there are 27 participants.

    Profit from sell of Cryptocurrency of the level №3 makes: 8 073 $



      For these money you buy Cryptocurrency of the level №4 №4 for 1 599 $ from the senior partner.  After this you sell them to those participants who have registered under your participants of the level №3, these will be participants of the level №4, where there will be 81 of them. At this level you earn 129 519 $


     At this stage the income doesn’t stop, there are four more levels with new Cryptocurrency that repeat with the same partners of all four levels.


    The scheme is the same, but the sum of income is bigger!

     You buy Cryptocurrency of the level №5 for 8 599 $ from the same partner, who sold you the Cryptocurrency of level №1. And sell to the same participants of the level №1 where you earn 25 797 $

     You buy Cryptocurrency of the level №6 for 19 999 $ from the same partner, who sold you the Cryptocurrency of level №2 And sell to 9 participants and earn 179 991 $

    You buy Cryptocurrency of the level №7 for 49 999 $ from the same partner, who sold you the Cryptocurrency of level №3 And sell to 27 participants and earn  1 349 973 $


    You buy Cryptocurrency of the level №8 for 199 999 $ from the same partner, who sold you the Cryptocurrency of level №4 And sell to 81 participants and earn 16 199 919 $

    In general taking into account all levels your total income will make: 17 893 770 $


    All participants buy and sell levels according to this scheme.


    This gives everyone opportunity to earn money!

  • Who is a referral?

    In the community TELEGRAMER referral is a prospective partner that comes into your network and further develops your structure. Direct referral ? a person who is directly connected through you. It should be not less, than three direct referrals.

  • Who is the partner (referrer)

    It is the person whom you are registered under. If you have questions, you should contact your partner. Keep in touch with your partner through the social networks or talk on the phone as you buy all the Cryptocurrency from certain partners directly on what level you would not be. In the community TELEGRAMER you should have only 4 partners and no more.

  • For what reasons can I be removed?

    1. If you sign up for yourself
    2. If you don't buy your first Cryptocurrency of level №1
    3. For non-compliance

  • What happens if I register, but will not buy Cryptocurrency of level №1

    This account will be deleted after 30 days from your registration. This time is sufficient to transfer funds to your partner for the purchase of Cryptocurrency of the first level.

  • Why is the order processed so long?

    You need to ask your partner as the partner receives the money for the order! If the partner has got the money, not confirmed the order and disappeared. In such case, the administration of TELEGRAMER deletes this account and finds new partner at the top level for you.

  • I paid X level, and the money returned to me. What to do!

    If this situation arises then your partner has thrown the community TELEGRAMER. In this case, contact the website:  and we will find a solution.

  • Can I bring referrals, if I have not bought a level?

    No, all referrals, which you will bring the system will automatically give the other participants of the project because they have You do not have the first level!

  • Letter to the registration of new referrals came, and the order is still there ...

    Write it (with confirmation of reading) is: 'Will you continue to work in the project TELEGRAMER ? Please reply. In case of no response within 1 day will be forced to raise the issue before the administration of the project about your deletion '.

  • Can you connect me to another partner? I joined a couple of days ago, paid for a living, and referrals and has not appeared.

    No. Because you to have emerged referrals to as much as possible to advertise your refferal link! If the people did not come at someones refferal link or a link to your partner, it is only in this case they would be attributed to someone who least of all referrals (though the priority date of registration). How do you you know, mostly people come to refferal link, so if youll just wait for referrals you have any of course, but a very long time ...

  • Ive made three referrals Level 1, the question: how could they get the first level, if the money from them to me in the wallet did not receive? It is my understanding that as long as they do not bought my first level and did not pay they should not show a mark on the acquisition level

    Do not confuse the levels of referrals and level of participants. They have you there, and if within a few days without enumerating your money and you do not confirm their level of They will be removed from the project. See Table referrals in the 'Status of referral - if they have not bought the level will be written to' 0. Once, as listed your money and you confirm it - will be level 1.

  • Please explain how the payment matrix of the project? 'I found a 3-referral level 1, one of them paid, and the other two are already the third day of no pay and no responsible. Because of this, all invited me later referrals were referrals 2 nd, 3 rd level. Matrix referral is filled unevenly. Lets say you delete these non-paying ... It goes beyond the distribution of people invited me? 'And one more question. Im tired wait for those two that do not pay, and today a couple of hours ago I bought a 2-tier. suppose you remove those 2, and defaulters in their place I can find two new referrals Level 1. Who they will buy 1 - second level, Ive already the second.

    Matrix is filled evenly as possible. Once your non-payers will be removed, you will again gain referrals in their place ... ie first fill level 1. But promotion of your refferal link in any case very helpful: You just as important not only to the first level, but later, because they will buy from you levels two, three, etc.

  • How to register in the community TELEGRAMER?

  • I think I did wrong, that I bought 2 level is not waiting until the typed 3 members in level 1. Do I think or how, and what will happen now.

    What you bought the second level, its your decision, the money received your partner. What you do not have referrals, at the first level, its not scary! No wonder the script is configured for their purchase levels, this is a plus: for example, from a nearby branch of one would want to buy a second level, it will be automatically redirected to who do not have any sales level 2, but the status of 2 levels, no matter by whom it is registered and who has how many sales (uniform distribution). I advise you to invite at least 3 referrals, it is not so difficult.

  • Example-situation: the party comes to a project on my ref-link and registered. He orders the purchase of the first level. But on the first level, I already have 3 referrals. To whom the participant will pay the first level? If I do, then it will be my referral because I already have the first level 3 referral?

    Talk, come on ref-link Partner who currently already have 3 referrals will be forwarded it to three referrals , provided that they have a 1 level, and order on the first level, too, will go to them, thus filling a branch of the partner of increasing its earnings. Since those most referrals will he order 2, 3, 4, etc. levels. Member 0 level can not have a referral! If his ref-link will come a new member and sign up, it will be redirected to the above, to the partners who have cavities in their branch or in a nearby branch. (Uniform distribution)

  • When and why do I should take a holiday?

    Leave must be taken in the event that you do not have access to your Bitcoin Wallet to your account for more than five days to put it simply will not be able to confirm the order within five days, which are given on confirmation of order. If your account is not on vacation and will not be confirmed by the order level for five days, then the level of the proposed purchase from us and you will get nothing . If you take a vacation, then you are to return from leave will be refunded 80% of the confirmed orders. 20% - our kommisiya on time spent on vacation.

  • How can I change Bitcoin Wallet on a new one?

    To do this you must send all of your data that you used for registration and the new data to us in the post. And be sure to send them to box, which was specified during registration

  • What will happen if you break the RULE ?


     The deception by the Administration is not possible and does not make sense!
     Community participation TELEGRAMER is fully voluntaryе.
     Your costs in community TELEGRAMER will not exceed 19 USD , all transactions occur between the parties. There is no interest with the exception of the payment system through which you transfer the money.
     You should confirm orders within 5 days after receiving the money. If you are going to be absent more than 5 days, you have to take a vacation by the administration and specify the number of days of your vacation. After return from vacation, you will be refunded 80% of the amount of confirmed orders. 20% is the commission for the administration of community TELEGRAMER to the time spent on vacation.
     The re-registration is allowed, but not by yourself. One who will register himself under himself would be excluded from the community TELEGRAMER.
     If you have any doubts, we advise not to register or contact the support. 
    It is strictly forbidden to use SPAM to attract new members.
    Community administration TELEGRAMER can change the rules without consultation with community members.
    You may be blocked in the community TELEGRAMER for breaching the rules and all your referrals will be transferred to your referrers.
     Watch out for each other and inform the administration of the community on violations of this rule so that the community TELEGRAMER is not stalled.




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