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«TELEGRAMER» is a community of  «Telegram» messenger users and «Bitcoin» Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Each Telegram messenger user can become financially independent, if they join the «TELEGRAMER» community. There are millions of Telegram Messenger users and together they can build an inexhaustible source of income via this platform, an income that will allow each participant to become the master of his own life and not dependent on anyone or any financial institution. We have no doubt that all our members have a humble desire to enjoy their lives and above all, to be financially independent in this beautiful world of ours and that was exactly our vision when we started developing the «TELEGRAMER» income opportunity system. Computer and Bitcoin literate people all over World can now join a reliable and credible community in order to earn more income than ever before and much quicker than any other system in the world! We have no doubt that our members are intelligent and that they had a common goal when they joined «TELEGRAMER» and that all of them have a desire to be financially independent.


How to join?


Statistics show that users all over the world know the basic information about the «Telegram» messenger and «Bitcoin» Cryptocurrency and from there the reason why it is now more than ever the most advanced technological way to communicate and share information on social media with each other and this opportunity ignited our vision for the entire world to join the «TELEGRAMER» community to better their lives and the lives of others.


The primary task for members of «TELEGRAMER»:


Is to promote this opportunity to other committed and computer literate individuals and other Telegram messenger users via your referral link in the admin section once you've registered and to explain the system as best you can to those individuals in order to secure an invitation from us to become a partner, should they qualify, because the Developer/Administrator is adamant that participation in the community should only be made possible by invitation and that computer literate individuals with Cryptocurrency and Electronic Wallet knowledge to join this community.



«The entry fee to become a «TELEGRAMER» member will not exceed 1 BTC»




1) Entry fee: 1 BTC (this entry level fee will be the same for each and every new member and the profit will equal that with the arrival of the first partner).
2) There is no monthly or annual subscription.
3) We developed a repeated matrix up to level 8 with the least members to earn massive income, in the world.
4) This Telegramer messenger slot and concept "Telegram" in the field of "Bitcoin" is currently not occupied by anyone, in other words there is no competition)
5) Administrator of this site is: Dmitry Bazhenovsky, an active Group member!


The purpose of the «TELEGRAMER» development


is for members to acknowledge and understand the vision of the developer, and for that reason we only invite the best of the best to join our community! Scroll down to the bottom of the website and take a look at the table of income. This is where you will see what we mean and how much money in BTC you can earn on a regular basis if you are serious and committed.

Having a strong sense of responsibility and the right attitude can earn you more than 20,000 BTC within a few weeks or months, dependent on member commitment and efforts and no other system worldwide can boast that. This is the whole purpose and essence of the developer to provide the «TELEGRAMER» community with this one of a kind opportunity in order for active members to unite and invite other committed and literate individuals to join them as a member of this community. All active members (if active, reliable, honest and committed) will earn and profit more via this community than any other system that we know and (we know hundreds of them) to become financially independent as a consequence of their efforts and commitment.



«Telegramer Compensation Plan»



Level Price Referrals Earnings
1. 1 BTC 2 - User. 2 BTC
2. 2 BTC 4 - User. 8 BTC
3. 4 BTC 8 - User. 32 BTC
4. 16 BTC 16 - User. 256 BTC
5. 128 BTC 2 - User. 256 BTC
6. 128 BTC 4 - User. 512 BTC
7. 256 BTC 8 - User. 2048 BTC
8. 1056 BTC 16 - User. 16896 BTC
Total your Earnings: 20010 BTC  



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